A Celebration of Life

There is no greater gift than giving the children what they need—a little help, an unwavering hope, and a never-ending kindness.

The man behind Precious and Lampara Foundation, Mr. Segundo Matias, Jr., once again, was able to put big smiles on every child’s face from Childhaus. Childhaus is a temporary shelter for indigent patients from different provinces who have cancer or other dreaded diseases and have no place to stay in Metro Manila while undergoing medical evaluation or treatment.


Mr. Matias has been celebrating his birthday with these little angels for the past few years. Every year, Precious and Lampara Foundation conducts a set of fun and creative activities for the children.

Big hearts always cause big smiles. Indeed.

Joy radiated through the children’s faces as they watched an animated film based on “Joseng Dalag”—a children story with moral values and was written by Mr. Matias himself. Giggles and hearty laughter surrounded the place. Watching their lips curved into big smiles was priceless. And hearing them laugh was like hearing a very wonderful music. After the film-showing, Mr. Matias shared a little insight about the story.



The birthday celebrator, Mr. Matias, then centered the stage and shared the story of “Superwoman Si Inay.” The short story was a portrayal of a mother’s unconditional love for her kids. The children, even their guardians, enjoyed the live storytelling. They were asked to face their mothers and utter “Ang galing, galing ni Inay!” Indeed, the mother of these children were superwomen. Their care and selfless love were reflected in their faces as they told their heart-tugging experiences.



Miss Aiko Salazar, the administrator of Precious and Lampara Foundation, also prepared a coloring activity. The children became really enthusiastic as their little hands got hold of the crayons. They were given fifteen minutes to finish the activity. When they had finished coloring the provided illustrations , some of them presented their works with so much pride. Their artworks were then pinned to the wall in front so everybody could see them. Mr. Alvin Bragais, an artist from Black Ink, chose three artworks as the winners. Winners each received Moymoy Lulumboy T-shirt.



Mr. Segundo Matias also shared gifts to the children and mothers at the end of the program. Various books were given to them; coloring books and word search activity books for the children and romance novels for the mothers. The birthday celebrator was moved as a little girl handed him a birthday card and when everybody started singing him a happy birthday song.

Every child is precious. And the best gift that we can give them is a little help, an unwavering hope, and a never-ending kindness. And the best gift in return? If they will later extend a hand, give hope and show kindness to other people.

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