Lampara Art Fest: A First Of Many

Many were surprised as to how Lampara Books has never mounted its own art festival until now. Indeed, the surprise was valid, seeing as how we, as a publishing house, have gathered and published so many stories penned and illustrated by some of the Philippines’ most prolific and talented. Though we did dabble and join some festivals in the past to showcase our books and stories, we always thought that we wouldn’t know how to mount our own. However, the success of the event told us otherwise—we knew what we were supposed to do, we just had to do it.

And so the first-ever Lampara Art Fest was born, where independent artists under Ang INK (Ilustrador Ng Kabataan) could come together to showcase their art directly to their intended market: the kids.

We also took this opportunity to launch a new book under Lampara Books: “Ang Bangkang Tutong,” a folk tale from the indigenous Isneg, reimagined by author Eugene Y. Evasco, and masterfully illustrated by art director Brent Sabas. The book itself was read and performed live by renowned storyteller Mark Boquiren, who himself is an author published by Lampara Books.

Apart from the book launch and showcase of children’s art, we wanted the event to be both kid- and parent-friendly. Workshops were conducted and facilitated by Beth Parrocha, Rev Cruz, and Mark Boquiren, much to the delight of the kids, who were able to bring home the things they created, as reminders to themselves (and everyone else) that age is not an indicator of creativity nor imagination.

All in all, despite being the first, the event was a success, and we’re motivated to mount one again soon, with more artists, more illustrations, and more surprises!

Watch the highlights from last Saturday’s event on our official YouTube channel here:

Were you able to join us during our first-ever #LamparaArtFest? Let us know your favorite moments in the comments below!

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