Filipino Classic Works Now On Booklat

The good news is that Booklat, the free-reading site based in the Philippines, has included four classic Filipino works in its lineup of reading materials on its site.

Recently uploaded are Jose Rizal’s “Noli me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo,” Francisco Balagtas’ “Florante at Laura,” and “Ibong Adarna.”

The four titles, though required reading in Philippine junior high school, are a must-have in every true-blooded Filipino’s bucket list.


“Noli” and “Fili” are Rizal’s twin indictment against the Spanish colonization of the Philippines; “Florante at Laura” tells of the determined romance of a duke and a princess as they flee from a usurper count; “Ibong Adarna” is about an eponymous bird being pursued by three brothers.


To access any or all the titles, type on the yahoo search engine.

They are also available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Dubbed as “Filipino Writers’ Hub,” Booklat is essentially a domain where creative and literary people—writers and readers—meet and interact with one another. It enjoins writers to send in their works on any topic under any genre, either in Tagalog, Engish or Taglish, for evaluation for eventual print publication.

Visit Booklat now—and spread the good news. 

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